It has become common, perhaps even convenient to categorise obedience into realms of possible and impossible. Such thinking merely reflects our departure from Spirit-immersed reality. The truth is that every commandment of Jesus is impossible without God's indwelling and empowering presence. I cannot break free from anxiety or anger, or fear or lust unless the Spirit empowers such a sustained lifestyle. I may have moments of breakthrough,  moments of failure, moments of wrestling but I am never free to say it's ok (only human) to lust or worry or fear.  

Likewise I may wrestle with the difficulties of the commandment to heal the sick and the disappointment in my faithfulness to exhibit the life giving power of the commandment but I dare not reshape it in my image. Healing IS impossible and deeply challenging - much like learning to genuinely love our enemies, forgiving those who hurt us and refusing to journey hostility in our heart. In each of these areas we may experience occasional and seasonal breakthrough and at other times we may struggle to obey or to see the effects of our obedience.

What we must never do is hide behind impossibility or run from the kingdom lifestyle modelled by Christ. In the words of Dallas Willard, ‘We are seeking to become students of Jesus who routinely and easily live the Jesus life by doing what he did in every environment.‘   It's time we ceased reshaping scripture into possible on my own vs impossible without him and realised it's all impossible.  And the impossible is what we are called to do.