Recently the Father invited me into a journey that would turn my world upside down and throw up all manner of questions. Once again He was drawing me away from the world where I am in control into the world beyond my comfort zone. It's a world for curious rather than certain faith; a world framed not by absolutes but by adventure.

It's a world made for questions.

I love that adventurous faith has questions. 

Somehow, we have made questioning faith the domain of doubters rather than the lifestyle of lovers. Unwittingly, we have divorced questions from obsession. Believers should have questions because lovers have questions. The questions of a believing heart spring from curious abandonment rather than criticism.  We must never come to a place of unquestioning faith because love always asks questions.

The questions of love are rooted in trust. 

What moves your heart?

How do I learn to become like you?  

Father what have you hidden for me?  

What innovations are just around the corner?  

What aspects of your beauty are being made known throughout the earth?  

Where is your generosity breaking down walls of poverty?

How can I begin to release and reveal your goodness?  

Our questions ought to be triggered by His goodness more than our brokenness; His beauty more than our barrenness.  Trusted rulers ask different questions and they ask them in a different place because they dwell in His presence.

We ask our questions not to increase knowledge but to deepen love.

We ask hard questions not to live more certain but to live more abandoned. 

A heart surrendered leads to a mind engaged.  And an enquiring mind is a gift best exercised and most satisfied in His presence.  Consider David in Psalm 24:7, "One thing I ask...that I may that I behold the beauty...and enquire in his presence."

It's as if David is saying, "I am going to ask questions because life throws up questions. However, I have made it my desire to ask those questions in the presence of generous beauty. I have determined that the framework for my questioning heart will be the glory of God.  Each question will be asked from the perspective of His presence. I will have an enquiring heart all my days, knowing that life is filled with mystery and uncertainty. My questions will bring me to His presence and increase/fuel my hunger for Him. I won't be one whose enquiries cause him to stray from the presence. I won't allow questions to become confusion. Instead my questions will always come from the place of beholding his beauty, the place from which glorious change is possible." 

We read this verse and rarely think of what it means to have curiosity in the presence of God. Yet it is impossible to be surrounded by such stunning beauty and not find ourselves enveloped in curiosity; creatively longing and learning to think His thoughts after Him. We enquire of Him so that we can desire what He desires, and so that we can think His thoughts after Him.  Love always asks questions because love always wants to go deeper into the heart and mind of the beloved. Any questions that fail to deepen love are irrelevant.  

Again and again the Bible says David enquired of the Lord.  

David's questions arose out of Divine presence not Divine absence. Those who see God clearest, question Him most. Clarity increases rather than diminishes questions. The more I see Him, the more questions I have, not because of what's going on in my life, but because of what is going on in His life. Imagine being surrounded by the greatness of God and being bereft of questions. Unthinkable!  

So, to my friends who relentlessly question... keep questioning - learning to ask those questions from a heart that only wants His glory; from a life already abandoned to His beauty.