The other day I relinquished a role that I loved to embrace a future I cannot see.

Gone from my life is the title of leader, usurped by the thirst of becoming an explorer… an adventurer. During the transition process friends and church members have frequently asked: what will you do next? I have usually offered some generic answer to honour their questions and shield the stirring in my soul.

What I want to say in those moments is this: the next stage of the journey (like each stage of the journey) is not about what I do; it’s about who I become. As a leader of a wonderful local church I had the privilege of embarking on significant visionary campaigns.  Sometimes raising resources towards facilitating greater ministry, other times spearheading initiatives to bring life to the city. Each one had their season and all of them were life giving.

But my continuing campaign - is the campaign for character, character that reflects the story of God and releases the glory of God.

The campaign for character is my personal campaign. The campaign for character cannot be delegated, managed or manufactured. It is a campaign for depth, for honour at the core, for hope. The campaign for character is the hidden campaign. Its primary pursuit is the story of God formed in my innermost being, godliness stamped on the eyeballs of my heart, a longing for purity that I might see God.

As a leader I have often stood on stage and doubtlessly will again in the future. However, as a follower of Jesus I have ever known that life is not found on stages but in small corners. The campaign for character is not waged and won through speeches and raised voices, but in the secret small choices that inch my heart towards the King and His kingdom.

One of my entrustments has been returned to Him who gave it, but my lifelong commitment remains. The platform is different but the passion is undiminished. Failure and success are behind me and purpose lies beyond me. Today the stage is silent yet my soul is strangely stirred.