A couple of years ago, large numbers of people in our community came to faith. Many came as a result of some catalytic evangelists who spent their time on the streets helping people say yes to God. Initially everyone applauded and soon they wanted to be involved too.

What ensued was a wonderful re-orientating of lives ‘beyond ourselves’, but the subtle shift that accompanied was not healthy or helpful at all. People began to believe that the real work of the kingdom was only happening in the streets. It wasn’t long before some began questioning the relevance and significance of their life at work. It felt mundane rather than meaningful. After all, nobody ever tells stories from stages of spreadsheets…of cleaning… of work done well.

Yet, if we are to do more than simply see individuals come to life… if we are to fulfil our mandate of bringing life to everything everywhere, we must see our involvement in institutions and industries and workplaces as kingdom work. As my friend Neil Hudson says, "Work is not only the context of our days, work is the context of His story."

Therefore, embracing the kingdom at work focusses upon reclaiming the workplace as a thin place; encountering God through work, encountering God at work. We do so not merely through occasional gestures such as sharing our faith, praying for colleagues, healing the sick, counselling… good as these are. We do so through cultivating a kingdom posture - a mindset immersed and influenced by the story of God at work.

We do so knowing that the next great move of God is not going to be a movement IN the Church. It's going to be a movement OF the Church INTO society, rewriting the story of education in our cities, of health in our cities, of employment and business in our cities. God is repositioning the Church to reach the whole city; everyone, everywhere, everyday, communicating, demonstrating and celebrating the supremacy of Christ in every corner of culture. 

The next move of God will involve everyone taking their everyday environments, their ordinary moments and placing them before God as an offering.  No more sacred secular. The kingdom is big enough for the whole city. 

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. @ Romans 12:1 The Message.