The Adventure

I am excited to be journeying the process of writing some books and materials for publication next year. Whilst I haven’t settled on exact titles, I would love to begin the adventure, and wanted to invite you to become part of the journey. The bold plan is to finish two projects: one book and one booklet.

I have a couple of broad themes I have been working on.  These include, 'Scattered Servants', 'Glorious Fulness', and two workbooks - one designed to help us become more effective in stewarding the supernatural, and one on creating and sustaining missional culture.  I have been working on these for a while, but due to time constraints been unable to finish them.

In order to get them done I need some time away from home, and space that is creative. I have found that I think most expansively and creatively in the US and so am hoping to have a couple of writing blocks in the US this year. This will also allow me to do some research with individuals and churches that I believe would greatly enhance my writing. It also provides the necessary time away from the regular rhythm and routine of home.

Some of the resource raised will be for the writing process. The remainder allows me to publish what I write. I have a couple of publishers who have already approached me regarding writing but I also want to retain the option of self publishing.

If you would like to be part of making it happen you can give any amount below. All money goes directly to our company and will be used exclusively to fund these books/booklets and any future books.

We are aiming to raise £15,000 so that this project can be completed from start to finish.

Naturally I will gladly give you a copy of the finished book and booklet for any donation over £10. Also any donation over £20 will receive two MP3 teaching series (instructions on how to download these will be sent via email).

Blessings and thank you friend,


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