+ How do I change my username/password?

On the dashboard at the top right hand side you will be able to see your profile by clicking next to your name. Once you click there, press on "My Profile" and you can make the changes you need.

+ How do I access the material?

All the material that is available to you is available via your dashboard when you login. The insights are released daily i.e. on the 5th of the month you will see Day 5. You are able to download the audio files for offline listening or so that you can put it on another device.

+ How long can I access this month's material?

You will only be able to access each month's material until the 1st of the next month. Even if you have purchased a monthly pass near the end of the month, you will have limited time to access this material.

+ How do I cancel my subscription?

You have signed up for a recurring payment/ongoing subscription for Coaching Connect, therefore if you would like to cancel it before the next renewal date, you can do this via "My Profile" and then clicking "cancel subscription" and following the steps. You will immediately lose access to your dashboard and no refunds can given in any circumstances.

+ How do I share how Coaching Connect is helping me?

You can let us know by clicking on this link.

+ Can I make a suggestion for a future topic?

Yes you can. We would love you to do that via this link.

+ My question is not answered above.

Use our contact form to get in touch and we would be happy to assist.