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Watch Alan's Talk from Soul Survivor's "Naturally Supernatural" event.

Resource: The Church of the future will move from ministry activity to spiritual authority thus rewriting the story of the city.

Every city has a story; things and themes for which it is known. Every community has a story of pain and brokenness, addiction and relational dysfunction. Every community has its history of alcoholism and chemical dependency, of success without meaning, of being alive without dreaming. Every community has, (in the words of Peter), an 'empty way of life handed down by its forefathers' - traditions and worldviews that are contrary to original design and that prevent us experiencing life in its fullness. Every community wrestles with abuse and abandonment, fear without honour. Every community is held down by some things, and held back by some things. Yet according to Jesus when the Church receives her authority which He has given, She can enter anywhere confidently (royalty), and serve wholeheartedly (priesthood), advancing an alternative story of hope at the centre of that community.... "Whatever city you enter...use your authority to bring life" (Matthew 10:8ff).

The kingdom advances through authority not activity

The Church changes the possibilities for the city because the Church is the ONLY community with ALL authority. There are other profoundly generous communities in our cities who are doing incredible things.  There are amazing agencies demonstrating wonderful compassion in our cities, however the church is the only community which has received ALL authority. Jesus didn't commission His Church to increased activity but with increased authority. The kingdom advances through authority not activity. In the future, expect the authority of believers in the city to change the possibilities for the city.  Expect a fresh capacity to re-write the story of the city.  Expect a shift from ministry activity to kingdom authority.  Whilst ministry activity can keep the church alive, only spiritual/kingdom authority brings life to the entire city. Expect churches in the future to be marked by greater understanding and use of spiritual authority. Expect them to exercise authority humbly as they tackle impossibility and supply destiny through breaking oppression. Expect things to change as the Church releases what She holds in her hands.

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