Resource: The Church of the future will move from renewal, to releasing power on the streets:

Expect the inbreaking of the kingdom where people’s hearts are breaking. Expect leaders who frequently encourage folks, "whatever else you do find a way to take it to the streets – to connect the grace that is on you with the people who are around you. Do whatever it takes to get out there among the people and God will keep giving you more. Giving away what God has given you to needy people multiplies what you have been given."  The power was given to the Church for the cities. It wasn’t given so we could have better meetings, or greater experiences, it was given to change the community – the whole community! Expect churches of the future to embrace Divine initiatives and Divine invitations to testify with great power among the people.

With that in mind, expect the Church in the future to break down the confines that separate much power from broken people.  Expect her to broaden her awareness of who the kingdom is for, and in so doing, become awakened to all those moments when the kingdom might come.  She will carry an awareness that kingdom ministry belongs at the heart of the city, and seek to create environments where life can be returned to people.  She will intentionally create environments where Divine fullness and human brokeness collide; where the desperation of man and the intervention of God meet.  Expect to see churches move on from renewal and begin releasing greater power on the streets.

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