Week 3 Day 1

Changing the Culture of Your Company: distortion and recreation

Changing the culture of your company: distortion and recreation.

Work was created by God as an expression of the beauty and glory of God.

And then it became distorted. It became about earning rather than learning. It became synonymous with productivity rather than discovery. Thorns and thistles grew up around work choking our experience of life at work. Those exploited by the distortion began to resent work, ignore work, leave work or find themselves unable to secure work. Workers suffered and workplaces became severed from the story of beauty, succumbing instead to the inferior narrative of profitability.

Later, the distortion of work didn’t stop at the exploitation of workers and the oppression of the poor, it crept into our hearts through the idolisation of work. Men, and eventually women, found their worth in work, their identity and story in work, to such an extent they became insecure when their work was threatened. Subsequently, relationships at work were devalued by the great distortion. People were managed rather than cultivated, efficiency replaced loyalty, and profitability became of greater value than partnership.

The distortion affected everything.

And its fruit… confusion and resignation.

We resign ourselves to the belief that things are never going to change, we resign ourselves to the idea that we have no influence, we resign ourselves to thinking that complaining is the way forward… only adding to the distortion.

But there is another way. It is the way of recreation. It resets patterns of thinking and reorders fractured working relationships, changing the culture of our companies from the inside out.