Week 3 Day 3

Changing the Culture of Your Company: practising loyalty in an age of mobility

The average person will change jobs seven times in their lifetime. Mobility is here to stay. All too often redundancy is our reward for years of loyalty, making it all the harder to wrestle with the biblical exhortation to submit to those in authority.

How can we be loyal to a company that is unethical?
How can we be loyal in a company that is immoral?
How can we be loyal to a boss who seems evil?

Every day Daniel wrestled with those questions. His corporate culture was filled with relational saboteurs including jealousy, greed, ego and ambition. Additionally, his employer demanded that everyone do everything for him. When they didn’t, he fired them… literally. Yet, Daniel determined to be loyal and submit to those in authority.

Loyalty changes the culture of the company.

When we willingly embrace the authority God has put in our lives, it attracts favour on our lives. And when we attract favour on our lives, it begins to release favour in our companies, and our communities. Every time we respond well to any area of authority we attract favour. It’s just a given. It’s how the kingdom is set up.

We practice loyalty not because our boss/company deserves it. We practice loyalty because the kingdom requires it. Loyalty is kingdom currency. It brings the resources of the ‘age to come’ crashing into our world today. It establishes capacity for acceleration and productivity, creativity and partnership previously unavailable. It allows the ‘rule and reign’ of the One who is worthy of our submission, of our greatest loyalty, to infiltrate even the most unreceptive company culture and change everything from the inside out.