Week 4 Day 1

Kingdom at Work: divine assignment

Wherever you work, your presence, your influence is needed.

Sometimes we see our faith and our work in the city as disconnected. Yet, as we work in the city we have the opportunity to release a different design into its very heart. We have the possibility to lead the city into life in a thousand innovative creative ways. We not only receive income from work, we inscribe hope through work, and in that process discover our presence and influence is really subversively the kingdom@work.

Our work is a gift: our work is assignment.

As a kingdom believer, we are not called to survive the workplace, but to seek its transformation; to see our workplaces alive with beauty, alive with glory, alive with divine generosity, filled with His presence.  As we develop a kingdom mindset, our workplace becomes a thin place… a place where presence and abundance meet us, and spill on those around us.

Kingdom carriers at work discern the active presence of God in companies and industries, in colleagues and challenges. They are those who carry the culture (blueprint) of the kingdom at work, to create shifts in society, to reset and reorder things as God intends.

The goal of our faith is not to survive the workplace, but to transform it. There is nothing more exciting than showing up at work and expecting God to show up with you.

As you begin your working week remember, your job is not a place of confinement, it’s a place of divine assignment. God’s presence and power is already at work as you begin yours.