Week 3 Day 5

Changing the Culture of Your Company: create a kingdom atmosphere

“Do everything without complaining.” @ Philippians 2:14.

Kingdom carriers introduce kingdom atmospheres.

Often it’s easy to become a thermometer at work - simply reflecting the values, practices and worldview of others, and yet God calls us to be a thermostat - regulating and setting the climate at work. In order to change the culture of our company we have to change the atmosphere.

In today’s verse, Paul invites us to do everything without complaining. No more whining, no more moaning, no more fault-finding. When we complain we portray ourselves as victims rather than royal daughters and sons. When we complain we abdicate our authority and our responsibility; we act as though our choices, the unfolding of our stories, are not in our own hands.

The language of complaint does not belong on royal lips.

If we are to bring creative solutions and release our kingdom contribution at work we must relinquish the disposition of complaint. Instead of complaining, we need to commit to the practise of crucial conversation. Instead of lending our voice to negativity, we need to introduce new patterns of thinking. Instead of harbouring dishonour, we need to guard the hearts of the colleagues we have been entrusted to work alongside.

Today, choose to believe you can change the culture of your company through the quality of your work, the character you demonstrate, the solutions you bring, and the atmosphere you create. Decide to become the employee who contributes rather than complains. And remember… if you have enough passion to complain… you have enough passion to transform.