Week 4 Day 3

Kingdom at Work: kingdom attraction

“Make the teaching about God our Saviour attractive in every way.”  - Titus 2:10b.

Work has a redemptive purpose and an inherent spiritual value. What happens to the future of education if we abandon it? What happens to the future of health care? What happens to the media without a Christian voice? What happens to the arts and the sciences? Make no mistake, your influence is needed at a corporate level.

Yet, we don’t only share our faith through work; we share our faith at work.

We embrace the spiritual significance of work on a personal level.

Ed Silvoso writes, “Early Christians made the marketplace the focal point of their ministry because their occupations regularly took them there. As they conducted business, it was natural for them to present the Gospel to the people they encountered. Marketplace people played a vital role in the emergence, establishment, and expansion of the early church.”

The truth is, many of the people you work with are trying to make sense of their lives, they are having spiritual experiences they don’t understand, they are wrestling with fractured relationships, hidden hurts, burdens too heavy to carry on their own. Most of them will never pour out their life to a stranger on the street, but they will speak to a friend in the office.

God has deliberately and strategically positioned you there for them.

It’s not that the people you work with want much to do with religion, but they are hungry for meaning. And our task, according to scripture, is to make the teaching about God our Saviour attractive.

Imagine if believers in the workplace were known as the hardest workers, the problem solvers, the creative thinkers, the most trustworthy confidants. Imagine if, through the way we worked, the way we treated those in authority, the way we honoured those around us, we made the teaching of our God compellingly attractive. And imagine if, as the Holy Spirit prompts, we shared our faith as we went about our every day ordinary work.

It could change everything!