Week 4 Day 4

Kingdom at Work: assignment

Jesus’ intention was that through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God be made known; the wisdom of God in education, in business, in health.

Re-presenting the kingdom at work is more than speaking about our faith at work, or praying for a colleague, wonderful as these things are. God has something more glorious for us to do - it is more than the ability of the kingdom, namely the ministry of the kingdom, God wants us to introduce the reality of the kingdom.

The reality of the kingdom is an atmosphere - it’s an atmosphere of glory. Our assignment is to disciple all workplaces, all industries, all companies, and bring them, plunge them, baptize them into the kingdom atmosphere - the atmosphere that changes everything.

“This, then, is what marketplace mission is all about. It is to proclaim a faith that transforms work and through that transformed work to transform people and through those transformed people to transform society.”  Michael McLouchlin

We want more than occasional ministry (praying for the sick, giving words of knowledge, etc…), we want to see ‘kingdom industries’ - whole workplaces that release good; jobs created that provide dignity. We want to bring back life to the workplace. We want the kingdom at work - industries immersed in divine reality; individuals aware that their work makes the kingdom available and transforms culture.

We want to help people understand how being an architect connects with the kingdom, how being a businessman reaches so much further than profitability, how being a school-teacher supplies destiny, how being a pastor invites partnership with the city so that everyone, everywhere can come alive to the mercy, the story and glory of God.

This is an assignment so much bigger than us. This is an assignment from the Father to unlock the powerful reality of another world here and now; that we would not only pray, but also step into, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’