Week 4 Day 5

Kingdom at Work: bring back life to work

 “Therefore go (to your workplace) and make disciples (be a teacher) of all nations, (your co-workers) baptizing (immersing) them in the name (the nature and identity) of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them (by your example) to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” @ Matthew 28:18-20 paraphrase.

At the end of my Bible College studies there was a commissioning service designed to remind us that God had uniquely gifted and called each one to serve. It was beautiful and memorable. And yet it strikes me how the vast majority of us rarely have such a moment of ordination/commissioning for our regular jobs.

We don’t always associate commissioning and prayers of blessing with jobs outside the ministry of the Church. And yet, in the Bible this was normal practise.

Abraham, when he blessed Isaac, blessed his business - your flocks will grow, your inheritance will grow, your business will excel… you’ll become known as a good businessman in the community.

The pattern continued in the next generation with Issac and his sons. There was always blessing, not only on individuals and their families, but on their businesses and enterprises.

When Jesus later commissioned the disciples, it was to bring life to every place, to every space, to unleash and unlock the kingdom. It was the same pattern of blessing - blessing to transform the whole of society.

And so He commissions us now. He commissions us to bring back life to the workplace, to our areas of influence and industry… which is why I want to bless you with fruitfulness at work today….


Father, thank you that work matters. And thank you that you’re with us.

Thank you for the example of Daniel - for young people; that you’re raising a generation who view work differently, and who do work differently. And as a result of the way they work, God, you’re beginning to restructure whole companies and whole communities. We’re so deeply grateful.

Father, thank you for where you’ve positioned us to work, that because you’re in us, we are connected to a source of power strong enough to regulate the temperature of that company. Grace us to join you in your work - choosing, no longer to simply be a thermometer, but a thermostat. We are asking God, that through you - your hope in us, your life in us - the climate and the atmosphere of our company would change.

Father, where we’ve been negligent in our work, where we’ve been critical, where we’ve been slack, we ask your forgiveness. Today, please help us unleash the prosperity available to the city through the blessing of the upright. Lord, we ask that you would bless us to be a blessing in our workplace.

Today, I bless you to bear much fruit in your workplace.

I bless you with ideas and innovations, with insight from the Father. I bless you with the ability to bring solutions that are not from around here. I bless you to understand the times and to know what you need to do. I bless your relationships. I declare that where there have previously been thorns and thistles in areas of your work, there would now be great fruitfulness.

I break the assignment of the Destroyer in your workplace to make your relationships difficult, your responsibilities unmanageable, to create overwhelmed emotions in you. I break the assignment of harassment over your emotions and your thinking today as it relates to your workplace. And I release you as one in a generation called and equipped by God to bring about change in the whole community through seeing the kingdom at work.

I pray this all in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.