Day 4

Wakening Up to Work: Discovery@Work

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden to work it and take care of it.” @ Genesis 2:15.

Discovery… Creativity… Generosity… Opportunity…

Not words we normally associate with our work - yet, all part of the divine design and dream for work.

In the beginning, man wasn’t sent to work as a task, but as a gift. Our work was intended to be a place of discovery and creativity, not simply productivity.  We don’t just work to earn; we work to learn. Fundamentally, we work to create, to explore, to innovate.

As Adam cultivated and shaped the garden around him, God shaped something within Adam. But He also shaped something with him. Adam became partner… co-labourer… co-creator. Biblically, if you are working at all you are working for God; more than that, you are working with God. He invites us to take our place beside Him, to work with Him for the transformation of the workplace.

Our work is partnership.

Our work is worship.

The Hebrew word for work is ‘avodah’, the same as the word for worship. Whether we are a manager, a doctor, a pastor, a lorry driver, shopkeeper or cleaner, it all has the potential to glorify God. The story of our everyday work is the story of the goodness and the glory of God inscribed in the moments and environments around us. It is the story of worship… of relationship… of partnership with the God who is always working.

Determine today to do your work in a way that calls attention to God’s worth and wakens worship; a heart stance that only calls something to life in you, but alters the atmosphere of the workplace itself.