Week 2 - Day 1

Alive in every environment: Enjoying everyday

God’s gift to us is the happiness we get… from the work we do.” @ Ecclesiastes 3:13 CEV.

As believers, we are called to be alive in every environment and bring life to every environment. In our devotional today, I’d like to invite us to think through making our place of employment a place of enjoyment.

The approach of some, when it comes to making work enjoyable, is to not go! Others find themselves contemplating retirement before they even begin working. For many of us, we approach our life at work with the belief that change is impossible, and misery inevitable.

I recently read and enjoyed Tim Ferriss' book, “The 4-hour work week”. It's an international bestseller built around the understanding that work is something to be escaped rather than enjoyed. While it has many insightful principles, the underlying premise is at odds with scripture.

“We were meant to enjoy our work… and that’s the best thing we can do." @ Ecclesiastes 3:22 CEV.

At first glance, this appears to be something of an overstatement. The idea of enjoying our work appeals, but it being the best thing we can do… isn’t that a narrow portrait of life? The ancient life coach suggests the inconceivable, namely, our work can bring us excitement and fulfilment that nothing else can; that something shrivels in the soul when we are not engaged. Solomon – the wisest man who ever lived, is convinced that work is one of God’s greatest gifts.  

There is a connection between my job and my joy.

If you are going to spend your life working, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your God to make it meaningful and enjoyable. It’s time to integrate what has been separate; your vocation and your vision, your job and your joy. 

This Monday morning, remember you are not simply going to work to get pick up some pay, you are going to work to shape society by releasing the kingdom into broken humanity.