Week 2 Day 3

Alive in every environment: turning your job into a joy

Many people live frustrated at work, rather than fulfilled by work.

Sometimes we think fulfilled people are simply fortuitous they stumbled into a job they can love. They had the right background and relationships in order to make that possible. Doubtlessly, that is the case for some. But the truth is, people who are enjoying their work invariably are people who listened to their passions and made their passions a priority. They thought about what they really loved to do and they sacrificed, sometimes good jobs, to make that reality. They left something successful for something meaningful.

At some point along the way, fulfilled people decided that, instead of yearning for their job to be a joy, they would turn… they would turn their job into a joy.

The turning point comes in every career.

Every day Jane stares out the office dreaming of a way out. Where would she go? What would she do? Geoff has a great business idea he would like to try, he’s talked to some of his colleagues about it, they think he should go for it, but he’s not convinced. Sarah is getting older and it’s getting harder to get any job - is she wise in holding out for something she enjoys?

It’s the turning point, and yet, most people decide it is safer to stay than move. And so the good future they long for - the heart satisfying work they crave - gets buried until the next time.

Sooner or later, if you are going to turn your job into a joy, you are going to have to take some risks, to upset some relationships, to rethink your life journey, to learn some new skills, to unleash your passion and to endure criticism. It’s your job to make the small, but significant, mid-course corrections that allow you to sustain your highest and best contribution to the team. Yearning for your job to be a joy won’ t work. Complaining that your job is not a joy won’t work. You have to start turning. Take some bold steps. Take some small steps. Do it today.