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Help us exalt Jesus. 

We want our worship to be in Spirit and in truth.  These are the worshippers the Father seeks.  Since the Spirit of God is given to proclaim and exalt Christ, it's your job to lead us in worship that exalts Jesus.  Help us sing songs about Him and to Him.  Make Him the focal point of our worship time together - declaring His character, treasuring His presence, remembering His faithfulness, celebrating His goodness, experiencing His holiness.  Lead us to the feet of the One who is entirely, eternally and equally God, and enable us, (through the songs that we sing), to shout a defiant "no" to the pressures of life as we make the declaration that Jesus is Lord. 

Lead us into encounter.

We want to experience encounter with the living God who walks among us.  Lead US into encounter.  Absolutely sing from the abundance and passion of your own experience, however, remember that there is little more unattractive than being forced to watch intimacy.   When you do your spontaneous thing, which we love and often awakens us to the One who walks among us, please remember to show enough restraint to help us sing the song.  We haven't gathered to watch your intimacy with Him but rather to experience the living God together.  

Help us embrace the faithfulness of God   

We know that life is difficult and that you experience the same trials and tensions as others.  We don't want you to ignore life's hurts.  At the same time we want you to set an example of a believer (1 Tim 4:12).  A believer is not someone without doubts, uncertainties or questions.  A believer is someone who is more preoccupied with Father's favour than their failure.  A believer holds onto the covenant goodness and faithfulness of God, "when all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay."  This is not a denial of life's circumstances but a declaration of covenant faithfulness in their midst.  My wife's song 'We still Believe' helped us do this as a community during a time of sustained loss and severe trial.  

Help us engage with the songs of the saints. 

Songs that have been sung: we want to stand in a long line of worshippers.  We want to sing the songs that sustained and shaped the devotion of those have gone before us.  We want liturgy.  We want to intentionally remember that the journey didn't start with us.  Please give us more than this year's top 40, and help us connect with the rich heritage of worship that has been entrusted to us.

Songs that will be sung: give us something from Heaven; something that you overheard in one of your moments with Jesus.  These are the sounds that are not from around here; sounds that awaken our heart afresh to the majesty and beauty of God; songs that you are writing, that reflect what Jesus is doing in your church and your city.

 Finally, thank you for leading us and awakening in us passion for the beauty and majesty of Jesus.  We are deeply grateful.