Supernatural Combo Pack w/ HOTS

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Supernatural Combo Pack w/ HOTS

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Supernatural Combo Pack - 5 MP3s

This pack contains the following:

- Supernatural Series; 3 MP3s
The Holy Spirit is not an emotion, an experience or an energy.  He is not an impersonal force.  He is just like Jesus: equally, entirely and eternally God.  Immortal and invisible sent by the Father to indwell God’s people and empower them to become like Christ and live the Jesus life. Those indwelled by the Spirit live differently, supernaturally. This series will help you partner with the presence and person of the Holy Spirit.

- Natural Supernatural; 2 MP3s
2 of Alan's Sessions from Soul Survivor's Natural Supernatural Conference

- HOTS Training
This is our four part training for Healing on the Streets, teaching by Mark Marx.