Online Coaching Network with Alan

We have a passion for unleashing scattered servants; ordinary people who show up in their community and demonstrate the kingdom with compassionate authority. We want to see everyone, everyday, everywhere releasing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in a way that leads their community into life.  And we want to see it happen through the local church. 

What is it?
A monthly webinar course for church staff/leadership teams over the course of 6 months.  Each of our times together include a 90 minute  audio seminar. After each session, you, or the registered members of your teams, will receive a recording of the seminar alongside some resources relating to the topic and reduced rates on other products. You will also have direct access to Alan via email so that you can ask questions relevant to your development and the specific issues you are facing in your context. 

What will be covered?

Throughout our time together we will cover some of the following: 

• Creating and sustaining a Missional Culture throughout your church. 
• Moving on from renewal in your church to releasing power on the streets.
• Worship with Kathryn Scott. 
• Growing gathered environments. 
• Developing and stewarding a Supernatural Culture. 
• Generosity.
• Bringing Life to the City. 
• Developing disciples who know their identity and embrace their authority for the sake of the city.

Why are we doing this now?
The simple answer is that Alan’s travel schedule is increasing and it’s proving more difficult for him to accept invitations. Alan wants to train others, but is limited by the time constraints of raising family and leading locally. By offering this monthly webinar as means of training we can use Alan’s time more effectively and reduce the cost and time of travel.

How it works?
After signing up, we will be in touch to give you step by step instructions of how to join our broadcast.

What is the cost?
The cost depends on what you would like to glean from the course. You can connect with the whole if you want to maximise your growth or, you can select parts if you want to specialise.

Should you choose to specialise, the cost of each month is £150. If you want to maximise, the cost of six months training is £600 when paid in advance or you can pay £125 each month by direct debit.

We do want to make it affordable and accessible to you AND your team.  

So, included in the overall cost is six months training for you and up to four of your team members

In addition, alongside each month’s webinar you will receive free resources. 

The first twenty churches/leaders to register for the whole network will receive a discount of £60. 

What have others said about their coaching network experience?

I can’t express how grateful I am to have been part of the Network. It helps, directs and releases the next step for our small church. Its wonderful! It was exactly what we needed as a church, so helpful in developing a mission culture
— Senior Pastor, Sweden
We found the webinar really challenging and thought provoking - plenty to process, pray through and and discuss
— Senior Pastor, Hampshire
It has stretched and challenged us to have faith for new things. It has also given us a more holistic view of mission and discipleship.
— Senior Pastor, Northern Ireland
We have enjoyed how thought provoking this has been. Alan has thought deeply about this & approaches some of it from a stance that is a little different.
— Senior Pastor, Dublin
The format worked extremely well. The length was just right and the ability to have a Q&A helped to clarify points...Best of all perhaps was the tangible sense of the presence of the Lord as we listened. Our thinking was challenged and our souls fed.
— Senior Pastor, London
The Holy Spirit fell on me as we listened and I found myself sobbing as you prophesied
— Senior Pastor, Bath

When will it happen?

We want to keep the time and day as consistent as possible so that it fits with your schedule. The provisional dates for 2016 will be announced soon.

What do I do now?

If you would like to sign up for the full coaching network or to be kept informed of the monthly topics so you can opt in, complete the form below and we will be in touch in due course. If you have any more questions then please use our online contact form.

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If you are signing up for the full coaching network, how would you like to pay? (Note: We will be in touch for payment details)