(MP3) Heaven


(MP3) Heaven

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Heaven - Teaching Series - 7 Parts

Part 1 - Worship and Refuge
Part 2 - Relationships that the heart runs after
Part 3 - Culture and Creativity (Tre Sheppard)
Part 4 - Healing and Wholeness 
Part 5 - Justice and Government (Peter Lynas)
Part 6 - Environment and Work (Peter Lynas)
Part 7 - Presence and Abundance

What we believe about life after death profoundly and directly affects what we believe about life before death. When we gain a glimpse of heaven we live wide awake to its reality upon earth. It shapes us and it shapes our relationships. God’s beautiful recreation upsetting and resetting everything everywhere. In this series we take time to steep our heart in heaven reality, heaven initiatives, heaven provisions. We set our minds upon things above and make the surprising discovery that industry, creativity, family and communities all have a destiny that doesn’t fade away. Its a discovery that enables us to live with transformation at the centre of our attention and helps us move from the broken life to the beautiful life.