(MP3) When


(MP3) When

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When - Teaching Series - 7 Parts

Part 1 - When loneliness surfaces
Part 2 - When darkness falls
Part 3 - When you can't forgive
Part 4 - When you are disappointed with God
Part 5 - When God turns up in your dreams
Part 6 - When your arms are full (Kathryn Scott)
Part 7 - When you are in transition

How do you get through the tough times? Where do you go for help when crises comes. When your friend dies suddenly, when the diagnosis confirms your worst fears, when your partner unexpectedly leaves, when your loneliness increases, when your fears for the future multiply, when your prayers seem to go unanswered.

How do you get through the moment when you feel like your heart is barely holding on, when your addictions threaten to overwhelm you and every success only serves to increase your sense of emptiness.  Where do you run for help when grief comes uninvited,  when the depression seems inescapable. What do you do with the brokenness around you and the brokenness within you.  When is a series for every heart that has wrestled with a world filled with pain and wondered how to start again.